Online Student Gives Back One Pint at a Time!

Ashley MoonenGiving back to your community is a great feeling. Recently OnlineHealth Care Management student Ashley Moonen was able to give back to her community in a large way! Moonen hosted a blood drive through Memorial Blood Center. With the partnership of her workplace and Thrivent Financial, Moonen was able to host a successful drive.

Moonen shares a little about her experience with Memorial Blood Center. “What I did was contact Memorial Blood Center and coordinated a blood drive by using what they call their bloodmobile. It’s basically a RV converted into a mobile donation center. My current employer, Three Rivers Fitness, was more than willing to help me out and provided the parking spaces that I needed and registration space inside their lobby for all of the participants.”

“Memorial Blood Center was a great organization to work with and helped make the entire process a smooth one. From the beginning stages of planning and picking a date to marketing ideas and finalizing the process they were with me every step,” says Moonen . “Our goal was to collect 20 units of blood, each unit saving, on average, three lives and we surpassed the goal reaching 28 units! The support I received from those close to me and the community was over whelming and heartfelt to know so many wanted to help.”

“Another reason I was able to do this was because of Thrivent Financial. I am a member with Thrivent. They hold my retirement account. And because I am a member, I am given funds to help host two action teams a year. An action team is organized by the Thrivent Member (for example: me) to do something for the community, a family in need, to help raise money, really the sky is the limit.  The blood drive was my first attempt at an action team, and I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out!,” says Moonen.  “Because of the funds provided by Thrivent, I was able to give each donor a t-shirt that said. ‘Live Generously’ on it and a stress ball in the shape of a heart to pump during their donation and take home with them.  I am really looking forward to more opportunities to pay it forward while encouraging others to do the same.”

Community service is such a great opportunity to get out in your community and meet people and make connections. Moonen was able to build a partnership with local businesses to make a big impact on her community. What can you do to pay it forward?