Reaching Out to The Community: Soul Fest 2016

On Feb. 24, 2016, I had the opportunity to represent Globe University & Minnesota School of Business-Online at Soul Fest. This event was held in celebration of Black History & Culture at Washburn High School in Minneapolis. Soul Fest hosted a packed house for students and their families. There were more than 200 guests in attendance.

Financial Aid Administrator Valana Hillard

Financial Aid Administrator Valana Hillard

The event kicked off with a soul food meal that included fried chicken, mac & cheese, green bean salad, cupcakes and punch. After families enjoyed their dinner, they were invited to attend a performance held by the students.

The show was performed by 9th-12th grade students from Washburn High School. During the performances, the students were able to express themselves through poetry, dance or a spoken word. During the event, I was given the opportunity to speak to students and their parents about the importance of understanding financial aid. Anytime a student has a chance to have a deeper understanding of educational funding it can make an impact as the college process is not a short one!

Financial aid is just one piece of the puzzle, and I was happy to share my knowledge and how important the process is to their success as a college student.

The show closed with a fashion show where the faculty and students dressed up as famous African American actors, athletes, politicians just to name a few.

After the event, I was able to mingle with the students and faculty and, they were all so welcoming.  I was able to share with them about Globe University & Minnesota School of Business and the great things we offer. It made me feel good to speak with these students who were so receptive to hearing about financial aid.

This was one of the most inspiring events that I have ever attended and I’m glad that I was able to represent Globe University & Minnesota School of Business. It inspired me to see these young students of color express themselves through their art. It also inspired me to see how supportive the faculty was and how they were engaged with the students during the performances. The school is on its way to mending its racial biases that the school has experienced in previous years. For our organization to take part in something so dynamic, speaks volumes to who WE are. This was another great way to show our community that “WE CARE.”

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Written by Valana Hillard