Student Ambassadors: Making Connections with Online Students

Going to school online presents a unique challenge compared to attending a traditional classroom setting in that you may not make as many face-to-face connections with your fellow students. Globe University-Online wants to ensure you are making as many connections as possible. Student Ambassadors are here to help you with the challenges of college. Student Ambassadors are taking classes right along with you and are here to help support your academic career. A few of our Student Ambassadors have taken some time to share with you a little about themselves.

Jessica Boggs:

Student Ambassador Jessica Boggs

Student Ambassador Jessica Boggs

My name is Jessica Boggs. I am a student in the healthcare management bachelor’s degree program. I also have my associate from Globe in medical assisting. I have taken classes both online and residentially in Eau Claire, WI for both programs since beginning my associate degree with Globe in 2009.

I have recently moved to Huntsville, Alabama and although I miss the Midwest, I can’t imagine ever leaving the beautiful weather in the South. I have two toy poodles that would disown me if I brought them back to the sleet and snow.

I decided to become a student ambassador because I wanted to give back to an institution that has helped me grow both personally and professionally. There are so many helpful and genuinely wonderful people at Globe from the faculty and staff to my fellow students that being a student ambassador allows me a chance to pass on that legacy to others.

Throughout my education with Globe I have found that organization and patience are key to success. I have also learned to pace myself and take breaks when I need to. It’s impossible to do your absolute best when your overworked and stressed out. Taking breaks, having patience with myself, and being organized have helped keep me sane through both degrees.

Cathe Saxon:

Student Ambassador Cathe Saxon

Student Ambassador Cathe Saxon

Hello! My name is Cathe Saxon and I am currently earning my bachelor’s degree in the exercise science program at Globe University. I became a student at Globe in 2012 and will be graduating this September. Originally, I am from Myrtle Beach, SC but my husband is active duty Air Force, so we are currently stationed on the central coast of California. I have been married for nine years and have two boys; a 5 year old and a 5 month old. ​I am a fitness fanatic. Currently, I work as a personal trainer and an aerobics instructor. I hold three personal training certifications, three specialty certifications, a group fitness certification, and safety certifications. I love to try new activities and I love to do outdoor activities with my family.

Growing up, I wasn’t the best at studying but I have actually found that doing something I am passionate about really helps me study. There are, however, classes I have to take that are not completely fitness related. I have had to discipline myself to study for these types of classes. I always look ahead at projects and try to get my initial discussion posts done in the very beginning of the week. For me, balancing family, school, and work is quite complicated. I work at four different gyms and go to school full time while trying to also spend time with my family. It is not easy, but I find structure works best. There are certain times of the day on certain days that my family knows is school time for me.

I decided to become a student ambassador because I truly enjoy people. It is kind of what helps me be good at what I do as a fitness professional. I love to help people and to offer guidance however I can. I like to think that I can make a positive difference in people’s lives. A fun fact about me: I had severe idiopathic scoliosis as a teenager and underwent life-changing scoliosis corrective surgery. I have a rod, hooks, wires, and screws in my spine and I have set off one metal detector at an airport. I have some physical limitations, but I have overcome a lot at a young age. I use my limitations as a means of inspiration to others.

Erin Hein:

This is my third quarter at Globe and I have been able to maintain a 4.0 thus far. I am scheduled to graduate at the end of Fall Quarter with my associates in mobile application development if all continues to go as planned.

I have worked at Dairyland Laboratories, Inc. for the past eight years and truly love the company. I have held many roles and currently I am acting as the Web Administrator. I have two little boys, one is turning 4 in May and the youngest is a little over 1 1/2 years old. My husband also works full time so we have a very busy household.

One of the most useful study habits that I have is printing off the course addendum and checking off all tasks for each course every week. The 11 weeks of class fly by so fast, don’t get behind because it will be incredibly hard to catch up.

​I decided to become a Student Ambassador so I can help other students that are new to online classes or new to Globe in general. I am very passionate about agriculture, technology and of course my family. If any students need someone to bounce ideas off of or just to chat about school please email me at

Briana Wudel:

Student Ambassador Briana Wudel

Student Ambassador Briana Wudel

I have 2 boys ages 16 and 6 years old. My husband and I have been together for 10 years.

The best way I study is by taking notes the old fashioned way. When I write information down I find I remember it better. I find balance between work and school by creating a school-work schedule for a certain number of hours a day and sticking to that schedule. This leaves time in my day for family time.

I became a student ambassador because I wanted to help fellow students. Online learning has helped me return to school and if I can help other students become comfortable with this method of learning, all the better. The thing I enjoy most about being a student ambassador is being able to help my fellow students.

A fun fact about myself is I have a degree in jewelry and gemology and have made and sold my jewelry online for many years.

If you are interested in becoming a Student Ambassador please reach out to Becky Goodrood at