When Do I Graduate?

How many of you can answer this question or even know where to look to find the answer?  Whether you know it or not, this is a very important question to ask yourself while on your academic journey.  Some of you may even be wondering how you can get done sooner rather than later.  To start to answer this question, we encourage you to click into the My Account tab located within CampusConnect.
The Academics area within the My Account tab is a very informative place, and once inside, by selecting the Degree Audit tab you can see a great deal of information including your current degree, your academic advisor, GPA, and credits that you have completed.  Most importantly, use this area to manage and own your expected graduation date!  It is important to ask yourself does this information match what you were expecting to see.

If your graduation date seems further off than you expected, we can work with you on developing a plan for you to graduate sooner.  This may include a plan to add an additional class or two per quarter, which also may also help decrease your cost per credit through our new tired tuition program.   It’s important to know that many students right now have already taken greater control of their graduation date by adding just 1 more course per quarter.  Depending on the amount of time left in your degree program, adding 1 course per quarter may help you save money and shorten your time to graduate.

Ultimately, we want you to be actively involved in your education, and we hope this message helps keep you focused on your final goal.  Please take the time to confirm your graduation date within CampusConnect today.  Also, if you have questions or if you want to discuss the possibility of adding 1 more course, we want to encourage you to reach out to your academic advisor today.  You can find your academic advisor within the My Account tab or feel free to contact us by calling 1-877-609-8889.

Congratulations on your progress and good luck the rest of the quarter!