1 Senator, 2 State Representatives and 6 Students Equal Success

Globe University, Hill DayHill Day started bright and early at 4:30 a.m. for the students at Globe University-Moorhead. The drive to St. Paul to visit state government officials meant getting up early and driving on blowing, snowy roads. But the van was cozy and the student leaders were way too cheerful for that early in the morning!

The six students who participated in the Minnesota Career College Association Hill Day event on Feb. 5, 2013, are in the paralegal studies program and had never been to the Minnesota State Capital before. The beauty of the building itself was breathtaking for these rookies.
Hill Day

Senator Kent Eken spoke to the students on the Senate floor where the students experienced firsthand the thrill of sitting in the Senators’ desks. He spoke about the entire bill process and how it related to funding for education at the college level.

Representative Paul Marquart, who is also a teacher, shared his passion for education which resonated well with his audience. The group connected so well that Paul Marquart took extra time to get the students’ opinions on several issues that he would be presenting that afternoon. He listened well and really valued their opinions.

Globe University, Hill DayRepresentative Ben Lien generated the most conversation with the students. As a freshman representative, he could relate to the awe the students were experiencing.

As the students rode home, discussion turned to the impact they made on their government officials. With each leader, the students were able to share their views on Governor Dayton’s proposed Education Bill and their desire to keep the $80 million in funding available to their school. The students were really able to get their point across from a professional level. The experience equaled one great success!MCCA Hill Day