11 Blogs Paralegals Should Read

paralegal degreeThere is an abundance of information online for paralegals or those training to become paralegals. From what to expect at your first job, to how to advance you career in the law field, paralegal blogs give readers an opportunity to hear directly from those experiencing these situations. Below is a collection of blogs focused on the paralegal career field.

Best Legal Assistanthttp://www.bestlegalassistant.com/category/blog/
The blog features resources for prospective and current paralegals, written by those working as legal assistants or paralegals.

The California Litigatorhttp://www.thecalifornialitigator.com/
Barbara Haubrich-Hass, a legal assistant from California, shares her tips on key topics relating to the paralegal profession.

Digital Paralegal Serviceshttp://www.digitalparalegalservices.com/blog/Cathy Ribble, a paralegal with over 15 years of experience, posts on topics related to how technology is used in the paralegal profession.

The Estrin Report – http://estrinlegaled.typepad.com/
The Estrin Report blog was created for professionals working in the paralegal field. Posts cover topics including current trends in the field, helpful tips and guest blogger features.

The Lawyerist blog highlights several areas of the legal industry. Topics include career development, ethics and technology.

The Legal Intelligencer
The Legal Intelligencer is one of the oldest daily law journals, based in Pennsylvania. The journal’s blog features posts about legal current events and useful tips for those with a career in the field.

The Paralegal – http://theparalegal.wordpress.com/
New Jersey-based paralegal Ann Pierro, who has over 18 years of experience, blogs about education, training, career development opportunities and more.

Paralegal Blaw Blaw Blawhttp://lorijpaul.com/
Lori Paul is a paralegal professional who uses her experience to blog about topics that other legal professionals can benefit from.

Paralegal Mentorhttp://www.paralegalmentorblog.com/
Through her blog, Vicki Voisin highlights issues related to the paralegal career field. Post topics include ethics issues, organizational tips and continuing education.

Paralegal Piehttp://kimwalker.typepad.com/paralegalpie/
Paralegal Pie features blog posts by Kim Walker, a paralegal, who covers topics such as everyday recommendations, researching, job hunting, education and more.

The Paralegal Societyhttp://theparalegalsociety.wordpress.com/
A number of paralegal contributors write about topics relating to the paralegal profession. Topics include career advancement and helpful tips.