2 Essential Pieces of Campus Life

veterinary technology program

Kim Sieverding

The Essential Piece is an award that was created to recognize a staff member and student from each quarter who goes above and beyond to help make the Globe University-Sioux Falls campus a success. Nominations are provided by students and staff alike. Reasons for a nomination could be for a teacher who is continuously available for tutoring sessions or a student who is supportive and helpful to his or her classmates.

Regardless of the specifics, those nominated are an integral part of the Globe-Sioux Falls campus. This definitely applies for the two new nominees from Fall Quarter 2012, Veterinary Technology Program Chair, Kim Sieverding, and paralegal degree graduate, Matt Hansen.

Kim has been recognized for a number of traits and characteristics such as being always willing to help students; possessing great leadership qualities and providing wonderful team work; making learning engaging and fun for students; staying involved with campus volunteer opportunities, and, of course, for being a great example of our We Care philosophy.

Upon learning she was receiving the Essential Piece Award for Fall Quarter 2012, Kim was ever the humble recipient, stating, “I was in complete shock as all of the vet tech instructors really care and work hard for our department.”

Equally modest, student recipient Matt Hansen, said, “I was surprised and honored [to receive the award.]”

paralegal degree

Matt Hansen

Matt has been recognized as always willing to help both students and staff while having a smile on his face. Matt is an active member of the military and the Globe-Sioux Falls campus and is very involved in both his classes and community.

Congratulations to both Kim and Matt for doing their part in helping to build a welcoming and encouraging environment at Globe University-Sioux Falls. With the new Winter Quarter underway, please be on the lookout for a staff member and student who have also played an integral role in the campus. Nominations can be placed by filling out a card located between the first floor bathrooms. There is a drop box in the same location. Here’s to finding this quarter’s rock stars!

By Megan Rank, Administrative Assistant