8th Time is the Charm: Finding the Right College or University

associate paralegal degree

(from left) Teresa Schulte, JD, Andrea Bernhard, and Renae Kruse, JD & Paralegal Program Chair

Andrea Bernhard graduated in December with her associate paralegal degree.  Many members of her family attended the ceremony to see her graduate and hear her give a speech to her fellow graduates. Many had thought this day may never come!

You see, Andrea had enrolled in seven prior colleges and universities before landing at Globe University.  Each of these other school did not work out because they did not have what Andrea wanted or needed.  At Globe, Andrea found her perfect fit.

“I found a very welcoming atmosphere at Globe University in Sioux Falls,” Andrea recalls of her experience when she first met with an admissions representative.

She thought everyone, from the students to the front desk staff to the financial aid department, were so friendly.  The entire process was made easier by the helpful and caring staff.  Andrea indicates that “she was never confused on the next step.”

Throughout her education, she was guided along each step of the way, from obtaining loans to working with maternity leave absences to quarterly registration recommendations.  She was grateful that Globe worked with her during her pregnancy, illness, and bed rest.  Globe always found a solution to any challenge Andrea experience.

“They truly exude the ‘We Care’ philosophy,” she says.

associate paralegal degree

Andrea Bernhard, who earned an AAS paralegal degree, tells her story at graduation.

Andrea enjoyed her legal classes because her instructors provided real world advice. She was able to see that being a paralegal had a practical side and a role in the field that was important.   She felt comfortable in class with her classmates and her instructors because she never felt that a question was too dumb to ask.

Andrea recently completed her internship at the Schulte Law Office in Sioux Falls, S.D.  After graduation, she continued her employment at that same office.  Teresa Schulte is the sole owner and attorney of the office and an adjunct professor at Globe University.

Andrea continues to expand her knowledge every day.  She also puts to practical use all the information and knowledge that she learned at Globe University.  And best of all, she gets to come home to her five-year-old daughter, Aries, and 8-month-old daughter, Allie, and tell them that they too can do anything that they put their heart into.  But first, make sure that it is a “perfect fit.”

By Renae Kruse, Paralegal Program Chair, Globe University-Sioux Falls