Back on Track: Paralegal Club Starts Fresh with Career-Enhancing Goals

Everyone leads busy lives, which makes it challenging getting paralegal studies students involved in and managing the Paralegal Club. Most students are under significant time constraints trying to manage their time between school, work and family, and trying to fit in time for extracurricular activities gets placed low on the priority list.

However, the current paralegal students at Globe University-Wausau, along with Paralegal Program Chair Denise Harris, are on a mission to change that within their program. The Paralegal Club cannot give massages like massage therapy students, check blood pressures like medical assisting students, or give advice on pets like veterinary technology students.  And their classroom knowledge in the legal field and providing legal advice is an ethical violation and could result in criminal and civil penalties. So, what is a paralegal student to do in the Paralegal Club?

paralegal studies Denise’s vision for the Paralegal Club is to offer the students the opportunity to network with other paralegal students and legal professionals in the area. We could host guest speakers in specific areas of law of interest to the students or host fundraisers to help out our local legal services, the Wisconsin Innocence Project, or Wisconsin’s Equal Justice Fund. The opportunities are endless.

The club met for the first time in several quarters last week with eager students willing to take the reins and do something. One of the students behind the push for re-establishing the paralegal club is Jennifer Mueller.

It is Jennifer’s hope that her excitement, vision and passion for reinstating the club spreads to others in the program and the legal field.

“My vision for the Paralegal Club is that club members join forces with others who are as interested in the legal field, and also meet others with similar interests,” Mueller said. “I hope to provide relevant information and support for Globe University students who are seeking a degree in paralegal studies.”

paralegal studiesAdvantages of having a Paralegal Club are that it will offer academic support and resources for students, promote the paralegal profession, broaden topics of interest, introduce new subjects that can be both interesting and somewhat challenging, and enhance overall paralegal development and skills.

“As Denise had mentioned, guest speakers will give students the chance to connect with those in the legal community,” Mueller said. “In addition to that, activities that I thought would be both interesting and beneficial include attending legal seminars and discussions, meeting with alumni who are working as paralegals, aid in fundraising events, participate in various community service projects (often for the benefit of those in need of legal assistance), and engage in possible recruiting efforts by attending open houses during the school year, just to name a few.”

With this kind of fire and drive, only time will tell what this duo and new club are capable of. Tune in to see what exciting things the Paralegal Club will do!

Written by Denise Harris, JD, Paralegal Program Chair, Globe University-Wausau, and Jennifer Mueller, Paralegal Student, Globe University-Wausau