Getting a Job Before Graduation: A Paralegal Success Story

“The moment I met Jamie at new student orientation, I knew she had what it takes to be successful at Globe and in the paralegal world,” shared Rebekah Myer, lead instructor of the Globe University paralegal degree program.

paralegal degree program

Paralegal degree program graduate, Jamie Stark, with her family at graduation.

Rebekah was right. Jamie Stark, a dedicated paralegal student was hired as an Assistant Clerk of Courts before she even graduated her program at Globe University-La Crosse. Here’s how she did it:

1. Set Goals…and stick to them!

“Jamie faced lots of challenges like working third shift, caring for her family, and attending school full time, but she always kept her goal—to better herself—in mind,” explained Rebekah. “Jamie did not hesitate to share her story about why she was here—to better herself and to set a good example for her children.”

2. Start the Job Search BEFORE Graduation

Students serious about finding employment start early! “Jamie was very proactive in her job search and actually started looking for a job a year before graduation,” said Rebekah.  “After interviewing for several positions, she found a great fit with the Ho-Chunk Nation Tribal Courts.” A few months prior to graduating, Jamie was hired as an assistant clerk of courts. It’s a job she enjoys every day.

3. Team Up with Career Services

Looking for jobs before graduation is an excellent plan, but Jamie teamed up with the Globe career services team to better prepare herself for employment. “She worked very hard to get her degree and started working with career services one year before graduation,” explained Lisa Paulson, Globe career services coordinator. “She took advantage of one-on-one assistance, mock interviews, and Career Week activities. Anything we offered, she would participate in!”

4. Find a Mentor

Rebekah saw great potential in Jamie, and Jamie found a wonderful mentor in Rebekah. “My favorite instructor was Rebekah Myer. She did everything she could do to assist a student in answering questions or with homework,” shared Jaime. “She always made time for all of her students…She encouraged all.”

Along with Rebekah, Jaime happily recognizes the support she received from other Globe staff. “I have strong connections with the career services team. Lisa and Carolyn from career services were very much important to me when I was looking for a job and assisting me in getting my resume up to par,” explained Jamie. “They were also there to encourage me to keep up the good work.”

paralegal degree program

Paralegal degree program graduate, Jamie Stark, at graduation.

5. Ask for Help Early

Jamie started working with career services a year before she completed her bachelor degree, but she encourages other students to start sooner than that. “I would also strongly recommend any student to go and see career services the second week of starting school,” said Jamie. “They are truly an asset to the students as well as to Globe.”

6. Find Your Motivation

Shedding tears of joy at graduation, Jaime proudly hugged her family as they all celebrated her accomplishments. Family played a big part in Jamie’s success. “If it wasn’t for the love and support of my family, I don’t know if I would have finished school,” shared Jamie. “I know it’s because of them and Rebekah’s help that I was able to complete my degree.”

By achieving her bachelor degree, and successfully finding a job before graduation, Jaime made a wonderful impression on her family. ”My education gave me the confidence, knowledge and understanding of what a professional is supposed to be. It taught me to encourage myself to want to be a better person and show my kids how important their education is to them.”

Congratulations Jamie; you’re an inspiration!