Globe University-Minneapolis Student Active in Local Politics

Abdikadir Hassan takes a selfie with former President Bill Clinton at a DFL rally on October 8

The image of political campaign activity for most of us is one of door knocking, candidate brochure hanging, and planting election signs on front lawns. Of course, that is part of what Abdikadir Hassan does for the Minnesota DFL party, but he also gets involved in the “fun” side of election campaigns.

Abdikadir, a paralegal student at Globe University-Minneapolis, who goes by the nickname AK, was elected chair of the Minnesota DFL Somali-American Caucus last May and serves the Ventura Village Neighborhood as a member of the organization’s board of directors and chairs the Community Engagement Committee.

In his roles, AK works to register voters, promote candidates and educate the Somali community regarding Minnesota politics and ways for new Americans to become involved with the election process. Hassan developed an interest in politics in high school where he was Student Council President.

“I attended the Minnesota Youth in Government event a few years ago and helped to author a transportation bill that passed in the House, but didn’t clear the Senate,” Hassan said. “I enjoyed the experience immensely and have been active in politics ever since.”

Currently, AK is involved in Senator Al Franken’s re-election campaign and volunteered in the city’s third ward election campaign for Jacob Frey, who won the ward’s city council position.  Hassan also volunteered for the Obama presidential campaign, completing fundraising, planning, and organizing work.

“No matter which political party people affiliate with, it’s important for everyone to get to know those running for office so that you can make an educated choice at the polls,” Hassan said. “Coming from a country where those freedoms are rare, I find it particularly vital to do all we can to protect our right to democracy.”

Upon graduating from Globe University with a Bachelor of Science in paralegal, AK hopes to attend law school to become an attorney.