Globe University Paralegal Student: ‘Did You Hear I Have a Job?’

Remi Mason bounced into her paralegal class at Globe University-Moorhead filled with excitement.

“Did you hear I have a job?” she burst out.

When she made this statement, Remi was about a quarter from gradation.

Remi’s path to her career began in Montana. As a respected real estate agent, she’d had a very successful career. However, her husband’s job brought the couple to the Fargo-Moorhead area. With the region already saturated with agents and not wanting to take years to build a new business, Remi decided it was time to follow a dream.

She had originally wanted to be a paralegal but did not have access to schooling. Now, this mom of two kids, ages 12 and 17, decided to go to school. So in January 2013, Remi started at Globe University.

Going back to school was a challenge.

“I had a little bit of fear because I hadn’t been in school for 20 years. I didn’t know technology and didn’t know if I could keep up with 19-year-olds,” Remi said.

For Remi, the appeal of Globe University was the small class sizes.

“This school is so welcoming and small enough to where you don’t left out or lost. My fears were immediately dispelled. It felt like home,” she said.

The hands-on approachinstead of the 300 person lecture hallwas appealing.

“I learned so much more if I can actually e-file a document versus watching someone else do it,” Remi said.

When it came time in her educational career for the externship, which is 180 hours (a six-credit class), Remi decided to combine that with looking for a job.

Gjesdahl Law hired Remi for a new attorney joining its office. Leah DuCharme is the attorney Remi is working with, specializing in estate and family law. The culture of the firm focuses on mentorship. It is inclusive firm, so many employees are working in every case. Remi was able to complete her externship while working for the firm.

“I just love the job! Everyone is willing to help you learn more,” she said. “You can always ask questions and are encouraged to learn. It is another very welcoming atmosphere, just like Globe!”

The excitement of reaching her dream is shared by the entire staff and faculty on the Moorhead campus.

Campus Director John Andrick said: “This is what we are all abouthelping students get the education they need to be successful in field so they can achieve their dreams!”