Got an App for that? Legal research on your phone.

I learned to do legal research as a paralegal by going to the law library. I have since moved into the world of technology and learned to research using computer databases such as Westlaw and Lexis Nexis. Now, legal research has taken huge steps for the legal professionals. Forget the computer. You have access on your mobile devise. Have internet access and an account, and you can research anywhere.
A few weeks ago, Thomsen Reuters released its WestlawNext Android App. Downloaded to your phone, according to Thomsen Reuters, “the WestlawNext Android app automatically syncs with the WestlawNext website, mobile site, and the WestlawNext iPad® app. So research started in one place is easily accessed and continued anywhere, and is always up to date.” The catch is that you still need to a WestalawNext subscription in order to use the app.
In his article, Hands On with the WestlawNext Android App Robert J. Ambrogi tested the new app. He found that you can:

  • Search all core content using WestSearch.
  • Run simple descriptive searches or more complex searches using Boolean terms and connectors.
  • Use KeyCite to check the status of a case or law.
  • Access your saved documents folders.
  • Read and email documents.
  • Add notes to documents.
  • View your recent searches and documents.
I also tried the app. It is amazing that I could run searches for cases and statutes in such a miniature setting. For me, I don’t think it’s worth the eye strain using a phone where you have to maneuver the screens to see everything. I would prefer the iPAD or Kindle Fire for extensive reading.
The app can be downloaded from Google Play.