Graduate Spotlight: Lamin Sima

The road to success is not always the one an individual sets out for. Lamin Sima, recent graduate of the Paralegal program at Globe University – Madison West, started out wanting to be a Medical Assistant. However, after finding a passion for the legal industry, he took the route before him with his ever-present smile and continued his drive for success in his new program of interest. The road open before him, Sima looks towards his bright future in his new role.

Paralegal graduate

Lamin Sima-Paralegal Graduate

Sima started out completing pro bono work for the Law Office of Sarjo Barrow, LLC, but now works full-time as their legal assistant, where they specialize in immigration law, nationality law, family law, insurance law, estate planning and small business/personal injury law.

Some of the duties he performs are client interviews, legal research, drafting memos, organization and maintenance of reference files, and phone services within the department.  Sima told us about some of his positive experiences that led up to his graduation in the Spring of 2016. Whether changing programs or taking an online class that are both available at the campus, Sima found that “students are free to choose their own classes and course of study at Globe University…staff members help students who are undecided about their majors.”

He also mentioned several social activities arranged by staff members that he attended and says they are an excellent place to continue learning skills for his career.

As students work toward completion of their own goals, Sima left us with a few parting words. Sima suggests students “realize that a successful college career requires hard work, dedication, and sacrifice.”

Thank you Lamin Sima for your hard work and dedication to completing your degree. Globe University wishes him the very best and continued success in the career path he chose for himself.