Hands-on experience in Paralegal classes

TStudents left to right: Sam Banitt, Kelly Derby, Trisha Hairsine, and Tanya Loker. Standing is Beth Cage.he paralegal students in Megan Krenzer’s Real Estate Law class had a chance to learn about title examinations and title insurance this week from Residential Real Estate Paralegal Beth Cage. Beth also helped the students at Minnesota School of Business Rochester Campus draft a General Warranty Deed and HUD statement. Beth said, “The Warranty Deed and HUD-1 Settlement Statement are both documents that paralegals that work in the real estate industry produce on a daily basis.”

Beth has been a residential real estate paralegal for more than 15 years. She works for the Dunlap & Seeger, P.A. law firm, which has a subsidiary title company, Title Services, Inc. She has worked there since 1996. She works with buyers, sellers, bankers and realtors on a daily basis. In her job, she has a great deal of client contact and she is able to work with her supervising attorneys on many files.

Paralegal Program Chair, Megan Krenzer, appreciates Beth helping the students with the drafting exercise. ”The students have completed deeds before, but it is nice to have Beth use her area of expertise and show them another way. They will have one more chance to do a HUD statement when we get to the chapter on real estate closings, but this is their first shot at it, she added.”

Producing a HUD-1 settlement statement was challenging for the students. Beth has professional software that she use at her office to prepare the document. “It was a good opportunity to see the value of software purchases, she said.”

Beth sees  real advantages to learning by doing. Beth started teaching at the Minnesota School of Business in Rochester, MN in 2006 and continues to teach one night a week. She emphasizes hands-on exercises in her classes. In the Real Estate Law class, students produce many documents. Her goal is that when the students get to the end of the class, they can choose the correct document for the situation and fill it out with minimal assistance from the instructor.

Beth is the co-coordinator of the Rochester area Wills for Heroes chapter and coordinates the monthly event with volunteers and technology set up. She is also the past co-director of the Rochester chapter of the Minnesota Paralegal Association.