If You Want to Volunteer, You’ll Need This First

If you volunteer for a nonprofit organization, there’s a good chance that you had to fill out an application. What you may not know is that a lot of time and effort goes into making those applications and documents thorough and compliant. Volunteer applications are necessary in order for volunteers to work with organizations, so it’s very important that they are kept updated as rules and regulations change in our society.

paralegal program

It is important for volunteers to complete an application at most nonprofit organizations like St. Vincent de Paul.

One nonprofit organization, St. Vincent de Paul, recently received some much needed help in the form of updating and checking legality of their volunteer forms, applications and background check authorizations. Students from the paralegal program at Globe University-Appleton were eager to begin a project that would not only provide them with some hands-on experience, but also help a nonprofit organization free of charge.

Students in the Business Law Class were able to help St. Vincent de Paul with these forms:

Main Application

  • St. Vincent de Paul’s forms were reorganized, updated to reflect new laws and practices, and included additions such as the authorization of a background check.

Volunteer Checklist

  • The organization had an extensive volunteer checklist. This list was reorganized and students made suggestions that would help protect against liability or theft of personal property.

Background check authorization

  • Under the supervision of Attorney and Paralegal Program Chair Peggy Miller, the students created a document for St. Vincent de Paul in order for them to be legally authorized to perform background checks on their volunteers.

St. Vincent de Paul was very appreciative of the students’ efforts to update their files since many nonprofit organizations don’t have the funds to pay for this service. Making the changes to their volunteer packet of information will greatly help them as an organization moving forward.