Legal Day in Sioux Falls

The Sioux Falls Legal Day gave high students a chance to see a criminal case from the investigation of the crime through the trial. The students were able to work on a fictitious case and see what they would do if they were working on a real case. The case involved Donna Osborn who admitted to killing her husband. She was charged with second-degree murder. Osborn claimed that she suffered from battered woman syndrome.

After learning about how a crime scene is processed, Paralegal Program Chair Renae Kruse, attorney Jeff Larson and attorney Teresa Schulte talked to students about how to interview clients and witnesses. They also talked about the role of a paralegal in interviewing witnesses. The students were able to practice interviewing the defendant in the case, the fact witnesses and experts in battered woman syndrome.

The students also served as jurors for the mock trial. The prosecution was led by attorney Teresa Schulte. Attorney Matt Olson represented Defendant Donna Osborn. After the all the testimony was heard, the jury found the defendant not guilty in the mock trial.