Local High School Students ‘Solve A Crime’ at Globe University Legal Preview Day

Written by Josie Young, Globe University-Green Bay director of admissions

Students from area high schools had the opportunity to “solve a crime” and participate in a mock trial at Globe University-Green Bay’s second annual Legal Preview Day. Students get firsthand experience and education in programs like paralegal, criminal justice and legal administrative assistant. The day consisted of hands-on breakout sessions to help students solve a murder mystery, learn about the justice system, and bring their knowledge of the evidence and case to a mock trial.

Criminal Justice and Paralegal

Crime Scene

Breakout Sessions

Students spent the day in small groups learning about different elements for the murder with instructors who had experience in the field including a former police chief, former FBI agent, and practicing attorney. Some of the sessions included:

1. The Crime Scene: Students listened to the police dispatch and witness statements.

2. Shoe Impression: Students learned how to do a proper casting of a shoe impression and how shoe impressions can help in an investigation.

3. DNA: Students learned how DNA can be used as strong evidence but how tampering can lead to complications in a trial.

4. Fingerprinting: A former FBI agent taught students how to dust and lift fingerprints. Students learned how to analyze different ridges in a fingerprint as well.

The Mock TrialCriminal Justice and Paralegal

All rise! Students learned the basics of courtroom procedure including how to properly approach a judge and question a witness during the mock trial. Students were selected to be part of the jury, sit on the prosecution and defense, as well as serve as witnesses in the trial.

Career Preview Days

Globe University offers a variety of career programs in the medical, business, legal and technology fields. If you or someone you know is interested in attending an event like this, please contact Josie Young, director of admissions at josieyoung@globeuniversity.edu or (920) 264-1630 to discuss how we can customize a career day to your interests.