NFPA Annual Convention – A profession to be proud of

The National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA) annual convention was held in Bloomington, MN October 13-16.  Not only was it a chance to meet paralegals from across the country, but also a chance to attend educational seminars, visit with legal vendors and learn more about pro bono projects around the country.  We also sponsored the Student Workshop.  Deanne Brooks, Esquire Group, and Penny Cierzan, Legal Endeavors, gave a presentation of Resume Writing and Interviewing Techniques and Strategies.  Both speakers gave the students helpful hints on how to market yourself when looking for a paralegal job.

Paralegals have sometimes been thought of as “almost an attorney” or just support staff, but there was no confusion at the convention on what a paralegal is.  From the keynote speaker, Minnesota Supreme Court Judge Helen Meyer to each of speakers, the importance of being committed to being competent and ethical was carried out.  It’s not a job for those who just want a job.   Margaret Haase, RP in the Ethics for the Advance Paralegal educational session said “if you just want a job, find something else.”  We can be proud of our profession and the value we can bring to our employers, clients and the community.

Lynn Berger RO and Jennifer Walker EC attend NFPA Student Workshop