Paralegal Degree Program Welcomes Lance Leonhard

The Globe University-Wausau paralegal degree program welcomes a new adjunct instructor, Lance Leonhard. Lance is teaching our Criminal Law and Procedure class for Spring 2013.

Another paralegal instructor on our campus mentioned to us that Lance might be interested in teaching and had recommended him. The opportunity arose for an instructor with a criminal law background, and Lance jumped at the chance to teach our students.

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Lance Leonhard joins the Globe University paralegal degree program faculty

Lance attended the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science with departmental honors and a minor in economics. Then, he attended Marquette Law School, graduated in 2006 and was admitted to the Wisconsin State Bar in that same year.

During law school Lance interned with the Racine County Public Defender’s office, the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office, and Judge Randa from the Eastern District of Wisconsin Federal Court. He also worked part-time at two private law firms—one specializing in criminal appeals, and the other handled a wide array of civil and criminal matters.

After graduating from law school, Lance served as a law clerk for Judge John Coffey of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. For the last 6.5 years, Lance has worked as an assistant district attorney with the Marathon County District Attorney’s office in Wausau, a position he currently holds.

When asked his thoughts on being an assistant district attorney, Lance said, “I truly feel blessed to have the job I do. The job is extremely difficult and extremely easy all at the same time. The overwhelming workload and sometimes emotionally draining nature of the cases make it difficult. At the same time, my job—at its core—is to do what is right, which is pretty easy.”

Recently, Texas Governor Rick Perry gave the following remarks at a memorial for the Mike McLelland, the Kaufman County DA that was murdered, which I think are pretty descriptive of all prosecutors:

“People don’t take a job like district attorney for financial gain, or for glory, or fame. … People who choose this line of work do so because they believe in making a difference. Making a better community, a safer community. They devote their lives to putting those who deserve it into prison or, when circumstances warrant it, showing mercy and giving wrong-doers a chance to steer their lives back onto the right path. It’s an art form and a calling, and one of the more difficult ones we can imagine.”

Finally, when Lance was asked why he decided to take an adjunct position with Globe University, he stated, “First and foremost, I just really enjoy teaching.  I had the opportunity to serve as a teacher’s assistant for a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, and I strongly considered going on to graduate school, before settling instead on attending law school.  This opportunity allows me to get back in the classroom while at the same time teach something that I am truly passionate about—the law.”

Welcome to Globe University, Lance!

ByDenise Harris, JD,Paralegal Program Chair, Globe University – Wausau Campus