Paralegal Graduate Lands Dream Job

Each quarter as graduation approaches, grads become more and more nervous as they apply for jobs and have interviews.  One Globe University paralegal studies  graduate didn’t have to think about interviews and job searching because she had already landed a position back in March before she began her last quarter of college. April Whaley works at the Columbia County District Attorney Office as a legal secretary for an Assistant District Attorney.  April landed the job just weeks before her last quarter at Globe and was able to complete her paralegal externship there that was needed for her degree in her final quarter. Her externship allowed April to apply the skills she learned throughout her program in real life circumstances.

We asked April to tell us about her new job and what she learned during her externship.

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April Whaley

What are you responsible for?

April says, “I am responsible for keeping Attorney Genda on track. I have to make sure she has the right files for court, and that she knows what trials are on and for what charges. I take new reports from the police and enter them into our system. I am responsible for the writs, subpoena lists, discovery, warrants, and summons. If I miss one of these, the trial would have to be reset causing a delay in prosecution.”

How did Globe University prepare you for your new job?

“I have to say that had I not attended Globe, I would never have been in the position to even think about applying for this job. Globe has opened up a window of opportunity for me. I never thought I would be interested in criminal law, and now that I am here, I love it. There are so many different cases that come in every day. My first class at Globe was Legal Terminology. I hear so many different terms being thrown around every day, and I know exactly what is going on around me.”

What do you love about your job?

“I love the fact that every day is different! I never know what I will walk into. One day I can come into work and have a stack of new reports that got arrested the night before, and I have to get them all entered so they can go to trial that same day. When I walk in the next day, I might have a stack of discovery that I need to get out to the defense attorney.”

What tips do you have for those seeking jobs?

“Keep your resume up to date and make sure to bring your portfolio! Keep searching the internet, there are new jobs posted daily. If the job says they want two to three years’ experience, apply anyway. Even if you only get an interview, that is still a step in the right direction. Don’t get discouraged.”

April is already on her way to a successful long-term career in the legal field. Take her advice and land the job of your dreams!

By: Erin Everett, Paralegal Program Chair at Globe University-Madison East and West Campuses