Paralegals Running for Office in 2012

Brian Craig, the Online Paralegal Chair for Globe University, Minnesota School of Business and Broadview University, found several paralegals seeking elected offices.

Campaigns and elections are now in full swing for the 2012 election cycle. While candidates come from a variety of backgrounds, a number of paralegals are also seeking election to various offices in 2012.

Below are some of the candidates running campaigns in 2012 who have experience working as a paralegal. Some paralegals choose public service and running for office. Working in politics is a possible alternative career for those considering the paralegal profession and training as a paralegal.

Bonnie Somer – U.S. House of Representatives

Bonnie Somer is a Republican candidate seeking election to the U.S. House of Representatives representing the 5th Congressional District of New Jersey. She is seeking the nomination on the Republican ticket and will face incumbent Scott Garrett and challenger Michael Cino in the June 5 Republican primary. Somer, who has been a paralegal and now works as a medical assistant, sees the health care law as unconstitutional and says Washington has become a place of insiders.

Bob Kern – U.S. House of Representatives

Bob Kern is a Democrat candidate seeking election to the U.S. House of Representatives representing the 7th Congressional District of Indiana. Bob “Citizen” Kern identifies himself as a paralegal and criminal offenders’ rights advocate. Kern has previously ran for Congress but has lost in previous elections.

Linda Pritchett – George State Legislature

Linda Pritchett is a Democrat candidate seeking election to the Georgia State House of Representatives representing the District 63. District 63, a newly created district, covers North Fayette, South Fulton, and South Clayton Counties. Pritchett is a certified paralegal, specializing in the areas of foreclosure and family law.

Barbara Nash – Texas State Legislature

Barbara Nash is a Republican candidate seeking reelection to the Texas State House. She has been a member of the State House since 2011. Nash represents House District 93 which includes Arlington and Tarrant County. Nash is self-employed in real estate investments and became a certified paralegal in 2001.

Gina Burgess – Allen County Council (Indiana)

Gina Burgess is a candidate seeking election to the Allen County Council in Indiana for an at-large seat. Allen County includes Ft. Wayne and surrounding areas. Burgess is a paralegal and office manager. Since 2000, Burgess has worked as a paralegal and office manager at the law firm Whitmore & Associates law firm. She gained experience in a wide variety of litigation experiences, including real estate transactions, small business and corporate set-ups, contracts, civil litigation and more.