There is no more important skill in the legal profession

Have you guessed it? If you said communications, you are right.

Joseph Bazan, JD, Paralegal Program Chair at Minnesota School of Business, St. Cloud and Elk River campuses, reminds us that writing is the most important skill a legal professionals needs.

A panel of high-powered judges and attorneys recently gave advice to law school students. Legal professionals need to be able to be able to produce near- perfect work in a short time. One typo can end a job opportunity (read and reread your resume and cover letter!) and poor writing can end a career. The most important skill for students to learn is writing and schools need to emphasize writing across the curriculum.

Bazan’s truth: If you can write well, then you can read well. If you read well, then you can think well. If you can write, read, and think well, then you can communicate well, including
orally. There is no more important skill in our profession than communication.