To Be or Not To Be ProSe

ParalegalAt Globe University, our instructors have experience in the field in which they are teaching.  We would like to share this expertise with you!  This post has been contributed by Peggy Miller-Kinderman, Paralegal Program Chair at Globe University – Appleton.

When you represent yourself in a legal action without an attorney, you are appearing pro se.  There are advantages to appearing pro se, such as the lack of attorney fees.  However, sometimes what you thought would be a cost savings turns into a bigger expense because a mistake was made.

Even if you cannot afford an attorney to represent you, take the time to consult with an attorney.  Many times you can pay an attorney an hourly consultation fee for the amount of time you use.  For a much smaller outlay of money, you will gain valuable information that may save you considerable money in the future. 

Going to hearings and trials with some type of guidance can make the difference between you reaching your desired result or leaving the courtroom very dissatisfied.   A consultation with an attorney can help you plan your trial strategy by giving you ideas for useful exhibits, deciding what witnesses are necessary, and helping with a trial question outline.

Many times there are legal documents that may be required to complete an action such as a Deed or a Qualified Domestic Relations Order that the general public will not be able to readily obtain.  Attorneys have these documents, and again for a fee, be able to prepare these documents for you so that they are prepared in a manner required by the law. 

Taking the time and effort to speak to an attorney to insure that you are taking appropriate legal action is money definitely money well spent.