Want to Meet the Mayor? Write a Proclamation for ‘Stand Against Racism’

Racism. Being a white female, Ashley Tanata wondered what the topic had to do with her paralegal degree she was presently pursuing at Globe University-Moorhead. So when her instructor, Stacey Tronson, JD, asked her Tort Class and Legal Writing class to collaborate to write a proclamation, many students did not realized they have the ability to write a proclamation to be submitted to local government.

stand against racism proclamation

(From left) Mayor Mark Voxland, YWCA Executive Director Erin Prochnow, student Marcos Romo, student Ashley Tanata, and Campus Director Melinda Rustad

Working with the YWCA of Cass Clay, the students together wrote a proclamation for Stand Against Racism Day, April 26, 2013. Once the proclamation was completed, it was submitted to the office of Mayor Mark Voxland of Moorhead. He enthusiastically accepted the proclamation, impressed with the great work the students took on for the project. Then he invited the students, Globe University-Moorhead and the YWCA Cass Clay to the reading of the Proclamation, which took place at the City Council meeting on April 22.

Ashley had the opportunity, with fellow student Marcos Romo, Campus Director Melinda Rustad and YWCA Executive Director Erin Prochnow, to stand with the Mayor as the proclamation was being read. Ashley’s pride was clear as she wore her first ever business suit to the occasion. As the proclamation was being read, her thoughts were, “Wow, it sounds even better when the Mayor reads it out loud!”

The opportunity to meet the council members, being on TV with the Mayor and the ability to see her work from creation to being enacted was incredibly rewarding.

Ashley stated, “This is an experience that everyone should go through. Most people don’t realize that anyone can write a proclamation. When a cause like ‘Stand Against Racism’ is behind the formal announcement, a proclamation is a great tool to bring awareness. I’m so proud to be a part of this project!”