Westlaw Reclassifies Divorce Topic and Key Numbers

Periodically, the West Key Number System undergoes changes and updates.

In August 2010, West attorney-editors completed sweeping changes to the Divorce topic (Topic   Number 134) in the West Key Number System that resulted in the reclassification of approximately 210,000 headnotes. Many of the key numbers assigned to the topic of “Husband and Wife” were reclassified to the topic of “Divorce” under topic number 134. Issues relating to economic aspects of a divorce—spousal support, property division, and costs and attorney fees—were particularly affected. For example, West attorney-editors created comprehensive asset categories for issues related to property and equitable distribution, integrated separation agreements throughout the Divorce topic, and gathered together attorney fee and cost issues (formerly in several locations). To browse the Key Number Digest on Westlaw, click on “Key Numbers” at the top of the screen on Westlaw. This reclassification should help legal professionals that research family law cases.

In the spring of 2011, West attorney editors have plans to reclassify the West Key Number System for the Corporations topic (Topic Number 101) as well as a newly created Common Interest Communities topic.