What are the Legal Trends for 2012?

If you want to know what’s going on in the legal field, you will want to meet Sally Kane. Sally Kane writes the Legal Career Guide. Her articles are insightful and this week’s article is about what’s happening in the legal field this year.

Hot practice areas

If you’re interested in a legal field, but wonder what area is growing, Sally gives you seven areas that are in demand.

1. Civil Litigation
2. Environmental Law (Green Law)
3. Bankruptcy Law
4. Labor and Employment Law
5. Foreclosure Law
6. Intellectual Property Law
7. E-Discovery Practice

Other Trends

Other trends to watch are the growth of legal professionals who are telecommuting, the increase in contract and temporary positions and increased hiring for in-house legal departments for legal professionals. All of these trends are good for paralegals and legal administrative assistants. As law firms and corporations are trying to deal with lowering legal costs but still manage increasing workloads, hiring more legal support staff becomes an efficient way to meet both challenges.

You can read Sally Kane’s article at legalcareers.about.com.