What is most important thing on resume for a legal recruiter?

Have you wondered if you have a resume that makes people want to read it or one that will end up in the wastebasket? Recently, legal recruiters on LinkedIn discussed what they wanted to see on a resume at legalrecruiters.org (another chance for me to promote the great LinkedIn groups). Three main ideas came out of the discussion.

Showing your job stability is important, but in today’s economy, staying in one job may not be your choice. If you do have several jobs on your resume, make sure that you show that you took on more responsibility or you took advantage of an opportunity to learn a new skill with job chances.

List job competencies and not just your education. Make sure someone reading your resume can see what you can do and not what you have learned in the class. List specific skills and list those skills that set you apart from everyone else.

Make sure your resume stands out for the right reasons. Always spell check and get assistance in getting your resume to professionally represent yourself. If it’s not professional, it will end up in the wastebasket.