What’s your CareerPath at the Minnesota School of Business – Plymouth Campus?

All-with-Logo-bottomCareerPath gives our students a focused, consistent and guided pathway to educational success.  Starting winter quarter 2016 students will be taking a combination of six-week classes and 12-week classes, depending on the program needs and requirements.

In many cases, students will focus on two classes at a time instead of four or more (Students still have the opportunity to take more classes if classes are available and work with their schedules).

Students will be exposed to more face-to-face and hands-on time in the classroom as lecturing, homework and certain other coursework will be done outside of class via campus connect.

Currently, at the Minnesota School of Business Plymouth Campus, some of our massage students have already started following the CareerPath model and are having a positive experience.  Watch for a blog about their experience coming soon!

The Main goals of Career Path include:
1. Guided Pathway to Success – student’s path to success is focused and consistent.
2. Cost Reduction – Full-time students taking 14 – 16 credits per quarter will be receiving a $65.00 per  credit savings and part-time students who move to a minimum of 14 credits per quarter will receive a  $135.00 per credit savings.
3. Less time in school – complete your education in a shorter time frame by going full-time
4. Consistent scheduling – a consistent schedule will be put in place for you while you attend MSB-Plymouth.
5. Cohort – students will move along with a group of students creating comradery, networking and opportunity  to create successful student clubs and events.
6. Final Goal – to give you a guided path from enrollment to employment.

By: Maria Leonard