Prepare for Professionalism with a Business Administration Degree

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By earning a degree in business administration, you will gain some of the most versatile credentials and intellectual skills for the professional world. Globe University offers a wide range of business courses depending on your specific interests and experience.

Business Administrative Assistant Diploma

If you are looking to finish your training quickly, this is the track for you. Earning this diploma will prepare you for entry-level positions in customer service, office management and data entry. Career options for graduates include office manager, receptionist, bookkeeping clerk and more.

Associate Degree in Business Administration

With this degree, students receive hands-on education in various business fundamentals. Principles include business mathematics, entrepreneurship, human resource management, marketing, small business management, consumer behavior and business writing.

Bachelor Degree in Business Administration

Similar to the associate degree program, this four-year degree prepares students to be team members and managers in every type of organization. Students take classes that study more advanced topics like managerial accounting, operations management, upper level entrepreneurship and human resource administration.

For our graduates, we offer two programs that focus on enhancing leadership and management skills as well as advancing professional careers.

Master of Business Administration

Students apply theories of leadership in their workplaces as they address a broad range of business specialties from the perspective of the manager.

Doctor of Business Administration

Beyond the master’s degree, earning a doctor’s degree requires highly advanced coursework, a dissertation, and research that becomes a direct contribution to business practice.

Globe students earning a degree in business administration have a platform to succeed within many different career paths.

  • Financial Manager
  • Advertising Manager
  • Public Relations or Promotions
  • Human Resource Specialist
  • Business Ownership
  • Administrative Assistant

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