Sight without Eyes

On May 18th 2012 St. Anthony Main, was alive and full of creative energy as hundreds of high school students from across Minnesota converged in one location for one purpose… to share and experience their passion for film-making. They were there to participate in the .EDU Film Festival: A Minnesota Festival for Students.

It was 2008 when I had the opportunity to meet at a Dunn Brothers with Trey Wodele, a media program leader at MTS (Minnesota Transition School). Trey had an idea along with a great deal of passion, which is a powerful combination. He wanted to start a high school film festival.  So we brainstormed names, talked concepts and started to build his dream.

The first festival took place at the Parkway Theatre in south Minneapolis. Our Globe University / Minnesota School of Business Digital Video students were there to interact with the 70 or so high school participants. The last four years we have seen the festival grow exponentially both in number of participants and quality of the student films.

The winning film this year was more than just a student entry to a film competition; it was a compelling and thought provoking documentary about inclusion and acceptance. Steven Browman is a high school student at Burnsville High School. Steven, like so many teens, text messages his friends, plays hide and go seek with his younger sibling, runs hurdles in track, and has even tried some downhill skiing. Steven also has a passion for film making. What makes Steven’s story special… Steven is blind. Steven’s friend, Scott Svare, wanted to share Steven’s story. The result: “Sight without Eyes” a heartfelt documentary that tells Steven’s story, from Steven’s perspective.

We were honored again this year to have a presence at, and sponsor this amazing event. We are also excited to mentor and build our relationship with these talented students. This summer, the DV program is offering a “Summer Experience” to Steven and Scott, as well as some of the other .EDU Film Festival winners. We are excited to be able to further contribute to the experience of these talented up and coming film-makers.