Strength and Conditioning Coach Amy Scott Erickson Will Host Webinar: “NCAA Recruiting Tips and Tricks”

On Thursday, June 21, Globe’s Health Fitness Specialist program dean, Amy Scott Erickson, will host our very first webinar. Amy is a former strength and conditioning coach from the University of Minnesota as well as a former recruiting coordinator at the University of Texas. She stresses the importance of academics and wants to share her knowledge and experiences with high school students, parents, and anyone interested in a health fitness career.

This seminar, “NCAA Recruiting: Tips and Tricks,” will also be beneficial to understanding what it takes to become a Division I or Division II athlete. Amy’s focus will be on maximizing such opportunities and giving helpful advice to those interested in our schools.

What you’ll experience:

  • 6 top NCAA recruiting tips
  • 5 tips on recruiting from a Division I coach
  • 5 tips from a Division I strength and conditioning coach
  • Additional information for the general public’s interest

You are invited to attend this complimentary one-hour webinar at 12:00 pm, June 21. (CST) Sign up here.

*You will need to check your computer system requirements prior to attending and be in an area with reliable internet connection.