Globe University and Minnesota School of Business Response to AERC Communication

Dear students:

On May 28, 2015, the Animal Emergency and Referral Center of Minnesota (AERC) sent an email notification regarding changes we are considering to the academic delivery model at Globe University and Minnesota School of Business, specifically in regard to the proposed changes to our veterinary technology program. While we often solicit and receive feedback from the veterinary community, including AERC, we are concerned by the misguided nature of AERC’s communication. Although we believe the email was sent with good intention, prior to sending, the organization did not connect with the college regarding the potential changes or their concerns with the considered changes. Unfortunately, as a result, inaccurate and incomplete information was communicated to some of our students and the general veterinary community.

As a college we are always looking for ways to improve the student experience and are considering changes to our academic delivery model as a whole for that reason. Some facts regarding the proposed changes are below:

  • Students would take two course every six weeks, for a total of four per quarter. This would allow students to focus on just two courses at a time.
  • The level of Essential Skills and rigor of the program would not change, nor would our commitment to strong student outcomes or VTNE pass rates. In fact, we hope to improve upon these results.
  • Full-time students would join the workforce prepared for their career in the prescribed two-year period of the program.
  • Our AVMA regulators have informed us they govern other institutions working within this six-week delivery model.

We value student learning and student success, and are very passionate about ensuring our students are sufficiently prepared to enter the workforce upon program completion. While we understand news of a potential change could be alarming, we will always do what is in our students’ best interest, and apologize for the misinformation.

This concept is in the early stages, and we welcome your feedback on the proposed change.
Please do not hesitate to connect with me or the program chair on your campus.


Shana Weiss, Ph.D.
Academic Dean
Globe University and Minnesota School of Business