Globe University & Minnesota School of Business Statement Regarding Trial with Minnesota Attorney General

Our family-owned and operated colleges have been committed to student success and workforce development for nearly 140 years. In just the past decade, approximately 15,000 of our graduates have entered the workforce. Currently, we have the privilege and responsibility of helping more than 4,000 students as they work to improve their lives through career-focused higher education.

On behalf of our students, 1,300 current employees and tens of thousands of alumni, on April 4, 2016, we will begin a trial with the Minnesota Attorney General to continue our vigorous defense against unsubstantiated claims about Globe University and Minnesota School of Business.

We believe the Attorney General acted with incomplete information when she filed a lawsuit citing “deceptive business practices” in July 2014, and in the nearly two years since, has shown little interest in working with us to find a reasonable reconciliation. The Attorney General’s actions have caused declining enrollment, layoffs and campus closures. In addition, her unfair characterizations have called into question the validity of the degrees of thousands of Minnesotans who worked hard to accomplish their goal of a higher education. That approach only serves to injure students and alumni, the very groups she claims to defend.

Globe University and Minnesota School of Business educational programs provide students with a guided path for earning a post-secondary education and the opportunity for gainful employment. The Colleges are highly regulated, with required academic, financial aid, and fiscal responsibility audits and reporting. We have always worked openly with accreditors and regulators to ensure the Colleges meet multiple standards and expectations. Our colleges are recognized as eligible institutions with the U.S. Department of Education, registered by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education, accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, and are fully compliant with Minnesota law.

We have never and would never intentionally deceive or mislead a student. We are disheartened by the circumstancebut we are not willing to stand by while the Attorney General tries to diminish the decades of positive contributions our students, alumni and employees have made to this community. We look forward to sharing our side and will continue to support the thousands of graduates and students we have been honored to serve.


Communications Department

Globe University-Minnesota School of Business