Globe University Recognizes Successfully Completed Coursework Saving Students Time and Money

MINNEAPOLIS (April 2, 2014)  Globe University recognizes that students’ past educational experiences are valuable regardless of where their journey began. According to the National Association for College Admission Counseling, a third of students transfer colleges or universities some time during the course of their education. At Globe University we believe students shouldn’t have to waste time or money by repeating successfully completed college coursework, just because the course was taken at a different school. That’s why Globe University has accepted nearly 20,000 credits from more than 365 institutions in past year.

“In the 2012-2013 school year alone, we accepted credits totaling a value of more than $7 million,” says Dr. Mitch Peterson, director of institutional quality and effectiveness for Globe University. “That is an average savings of more than $11,000 per transfer student.”

Students who transfer colleges usually delay their graduation date by losing about a semester of credits and having to unnecessarily repeat college coursework, according to the organization Complete College America. At Globe Universitytransfer students beginning school in 2012-2013 earned, on average, 30 credits toward their program at Globe, saving about six months’ time spent in the classroom and keeping them on track to graduation day.

“It’s our mission to educate, graduate and assist students in finding successful careers,” says Peterson. “Regardless of where or when their college journey began, we give our students all of the resources needed to be successful in their degree program through graduation day—and beyond. This includes evaluating coursework completed at previous institutions and awarding transfer credit for courses relevant to a student’s program at Globe.”

Let’s finish what you started. Whether you’re going back to school or just beginning the college journey, Globe University will support you through graduation day—and beyond. To learn more about Globe University visit


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