Minnesota School of Business Faculty Member Chronicles Journey from Liberia to America in New Book

BROOKLYN CENTER, Minn. (March 31, 2015) – Minnesota School of Business (MSB) is proud to announce business program chair Momoh Sekou Dudu has published “Harrowing December: Recounting A Journey of Sorrow & Triumphs,” a memoir describing his experiences growing up in Liberia, living as a war refugee and his journey to the United States.

The book describes the struggles Dudu endured from the time he was born in a poor village in Liberia to when he had the opportunity to move to the United States to continue his education. When the Liberian Civil War broke out in 1989, he fled his home and lived as a refugee in two other countries before receiving a scholarship to attend school in Manhattan, N.Y., in 1997, thanks to a benefactor. Dudu says he wrote “Harrowing December” because he wanted to not only tell the story of his own life but honor the legacy of Mary Anne Schwalbe, the woman who helped make his dreams possible.

“I needed to show that there are those who see beyond race, gender, religion and all of that to really care for all people,” explains Dudu. “I also needed to tell a story of perseverance; that you can be better, you don’t have to fight, you can communicate. You can choose another path and live for another day.”

After earning a bachelor’s of business administration degree and an MBA, Dudu is now pursuing a doctorate degree in public administration and says he is a living, breathing example of perseverance. Dudu has been teaching business courses at MSB since 2012, and says his personal experiences have helped teach his students to abide by his philosophy.

“I tell my students you can’t give up on your goals,” says Dudu. “You came to MSB for a purpose; not only for a degree but to become a well-rounded person. Just because you failed one class or can’t find transportation to school one week, you can’t give up. If I made it, you can do it.”

“Harrowing December: Recounting A Journey of Sorrow & Triumphs” can be purchased on Amazon. To learn more about Minnesota School of Business, visit www.msbcollege.edu.


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