Polymet Mining to Discuss Duluth Mining Complex at Globe University – Woodbury

Woodbury, Minn. (Jan. 24, 2016) ­– Polymet Mining has proposed to mine Minnesota’s Duluth Complex for copper, nickel and other precious metals – changing the future of Minnesota. The company says that this project will create hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars in state tax revenue. Environmentalists are opposing the project, citing long-term damage to the environment, especially to the nearby Boundary Waters.

Globe University – Woodbury’s business program chair, Tom Hakko, has invited the company to speak to students, staff and faculty on Tuesday, Jan., 26, about this increasingly high-profile issues. Hakko believed that students should be informed, as it could affect them, long-term, as residents of Minnesota.  Attendees are encouraged to get involved and offer their thoughts during the public comments portion of the review.

For more information about the Polymet presentations on Jan. 26, please contact Hakko at thakko@globeuniversity.edu.

WHAT: Discuss their mining proposals with students, staff and faculty during a free presentation.

WHEN: TODAY– 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2016.

WHERE: Globe University – Room 207 – Woodbury, 8089 Globe Drive.


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