3 Steps to Avoid the Flu

Nursing School Degree

Deanna Administering a Vaccine to Student

Tis the season for the flu!  We all have had the flu at some point in our lives and all of us want to avoid it if at all possible.  Globe University in Minneapolisheld a free flu clinic to help students and the local community stay “flu free!”

The flu clinic was hosted by the Global Citizenship class, which is taught by Michelle Block.  The free flu vaccinations were donated and administered by Deanna Hammond, who is a Registered Nurse from Firstat.  The mission of Firstat is to provide Holistic Quality Care with a focus on the needs of the individual as a means to achieve optimal health in a home setting.

As Deanna was administering the shots, she had 3 steps to avoid the flu:

  1. Get the Flu Shot
  2. Get the Flu Shot
  3. Get the Flu Shot

Many of us hate shots and we would rather drink sour milk than to have a needle stick us in the arm!  We all have our reasons one way or the other; however, there are many things we can do to prevent from getting that annoying flu:

  1. Wash Your Hands – No one wants your nasty germs so wash them off!
  2. Use Tissues – We tell our kids to stop picking their noses and many adults could use this advice too!  Help the people around you by blowing and sneezing into a tissue.
  3. Reduce Stress – We all need to chill out in life.  Stress kills people and it also lowers your resistance to fight the flu.
  4. Sleep More – Sleep not only helps your body keep the flu away it also helps us from being moody – get seven to nine hours of sleep.

Nursing School Degree

Marketing the Flu Shots on Campus

Instructor Michelle Block said, “This was my first flu shot.  It wasn’t something I really thought I needed.  My students helped me realize it’s not just about me.  I could be spreading the flu for days before I showed any symptoms and for some people that can be fatal.  Now that I know it doesn’t even hurt, I plan on getting [a vaccine] every year!”

Michelle sums it up well – “it’s not just about me.”  That is great advice in preventing the flu as we endure another season of those shots.  Just remember you are not only helping yourself but many others!

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