33, 19, 50 and 2000 = Globe University-Sioux Falls Makes the Most Out of Community Relationships

~Author Melanie Schopp
The Globe University-Sioux Falls campus welcomed 33 community members from over 19 organizations to our campus to celebrate over 2000 hours in applied learning and  continued connections with over 50 community partners.  The 2nd Annual Community Partner luncheon took place on September 20th at the Globe University-Sioux Falls campus and is an event focused on thanking our community for their commitment to our campus, applied learning, and our community.

The event focused on celebrating over 2000 hours of applied learning hours Globe university-Sioux Falls students, staff, faculty had given to over 50 community organizations in the last year.  Community partners shared their thoughts regarding working with Globe University-Sioux Falls:  

“Kidney screenings here in Sioux Falls for the KEEP project would not have been or be possible without the support of GU-Sioux Falls students.” ~National Kidney Foundation

“The GU-Sioux Falls campus has actively supported our organization and our military families with elderly massages, Daisies for Daybreak and military family appreciation through the Bluestar Family events.  We love working with your students, staff and faculty and are excited to continue our partnership.” ~Active Generations

“Our organization appreciates the dedication and support (plus the massages) given to our clients.  Your students are wonderful.” ~Dakotabilities

“The GU-Sioux Falls students have helped to raise awareness regarding pitbulls, animal population control, the importance of spaying/neutering in addition to support of the pitbull family.  Thank you for all you do.” ~Pitbull Rescue

The campus supports a university-wide initiative of dedicated applied learning into the curriculum. “It is our way of having our students learn, by doing both inside and
outside of their career field,” said Jay Meyers, Dean of Faculty at the event.

We are proud to work with such dedicated students, staff, faculty, and community partners here in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.