6 Medical Assistants Share Career Insights

Globe University-Green Bay medical assistant students got to hear some great career advice from graduates of their program who are working in the field. The career services department hosted a career panel with the alumni to help students get a better grasp on how to find their dream job.

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From left: Kim Pennings, Prevea Health-Surgery, Globe alumna Kelly Van Der Wegen, Preavea Health-Surgery, Globe alumna Chelsey Reuter, Neurology Consultants of Northeast Wisconsin, and Globe alumna Amber Ann Quaintance, Dermatology Associates of Wisconsin

Student Externships

All medical assistant students are required to complete an externship as a part of the program. The panel of graduates recommended that when students do their externship, they should try to do many places and learn as much as possible. The externship can vary; some grads said they have worked for different doctors, and one alum worked for five. She enjoyed this experience because it kept her on her toes.

Best Advice for Students

  • Keep your mind open. Everyone does things differently.
  • Do what is asked of you.
  • Go with it and don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Don’t say “this is how I was taught in school.”
  • Take any criticisms you get as an opportunity to learn. Don’t think you are being yelled at. Thank them for the feedback.

medical assistant programWhat Characteristics Do You Look For In a Medical Assistant?

  1. Go-getter
  2. Listener
  3. Follows and takes initiative
  4. Looks for things to do
  5. Asks lots of questions
  6. Outgoing and willing to put yourself out there

How Do You Handle Stress?

  • Leave work at work and don’t take it out on your spouse.
  • Ask for help when you are in a jam.
  • Make sure patients get your full attention.

Jackie Doperalski, director of career services, worked with Jenni Derpinghaus, externship coordinator, and Veronica Kruse, medical assistant program chair, to hold this first career panel to give students the opportunity to network and learn more about their career early on in their education.

Thank you to Globe University-Green Bay medical assistant alumnae Kelly Van Der Wegen, Prevea Health-Surgery; Chelsey Reuter, Neuology Consultants of Northeast Wisconsin; and Amber Ann Quaintance, Dermatology Associates of Wisconsin; and to Kim Pennings, Prevea Health-Surgery; Niki Gierczak, Prevea-Internal Medicine; and Adam Mooren, Prevea Health-Cardiology for participating on the panel.