Holiday gifts in the making as this team is “Heart at Work”!

For over a year, Diane Gustin has spent every day focused on how to make the best popcorn on the planet while employing developmentally handicapped adults from throughout Brown County.  Diane knows that these adults can make something delicious while creating a profitable and sustainable business and they deserve a chance to prove it!  She began Heart At Work to provide a future for her son Drew, who has Down’s Syndrome but refuses to be defined by his diagnosis. 

A local entrepreneurial firm introduced us to Diane during our Early Fall Quarter and we began working with Diane in our AC160 class, helping her to create a Break Even Analysis. Through this experience, Diane stayed connected with Globe, attending our One Year Open House and hand delivering some of the delicious gourmet popcorn!  This quarter, 2 of our SS103 classes have been involved in the actual “popology” of the business, working in the kitchen at NEW Curative Rehabilitation Facility with Diane, her son Drew (the Chief Inspiration Associate), and many other gifted individuals.  Diane is preparing hundreds of gift boxes for the holidays and our students are right there, popping, mixing, packaging, and perhaps sampling!   This project has even put the culinary talents of our CCRS and Leadership Team to the test! (Pictured above: Campus Director, Jeryl Fleck).