9 Steps to Grow Your Career and Get Happy

Melissa Remis, a La Crosse area entrepreneur, business leader, and networker extraordinaire, visited Globe University-La Crosse to speak to students in Brady Lowe’s Introduction to Business Class. She shared 9 tips she uses to grow her career and be happy!

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Melissa Remis of LegalShield and Remis Power Systems visits Globe University to speak with students in the Introduction to Business class.

1. Set Goals

You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again. Having goals is essential for career growth. Have you really taken the time to identify short, medium, and long term goals? After you identify your goals, write them down! When you write them down, you are more likely to work toward them. It’s a great idea to take your goals to the next step and tell your family and friends what they are. They can help hold you accountable to your process of accomplishing the goals.

2. Create a Personal Philosophy

Creating your own philosophy and writing it down will help you drive toward your goals. It’ll also motivate you to continually develop your skills. Your philosophy should be positive and you should measure yourself against it to make sure you’re staying on track.

3. Avoid Distractions

Could you make better choices on how you spend your time? Would it be more beneficial for you to read a book instead of watching television? Take a class rather than playing video games? “Take education to the next level and take advantage of the resources available to you,” Remis explained. Use the library, read articles online, and listen to audiobooks and podcasts that relate to your career or help you build new skills. Colton Wetzel, business administration degree student, learned that how you spend your time impacts your career success. “You have to have the drive to succeed,” he said.

4. Play the “What If Game”

“Ask yourself, what if you took a class? What if you surrounded yourself with successful people? What if you read another book?”  Remis said to the class. “If you don’t ask yourself these questions, you’ll wonder what could have become of these actions.” Consider steps you can take to advance your career and improve your life.

5. Keep a Journal

Use a journal to record your goals, philosophy, affirmations, and the steps you’re taking to achieve your goals. Record milestones, set-backs, and celebrations. Use your journal to document your journey, but also to motivate yourself. Record quotes that inspire you and comments that keep you going.

6. Make Adversity Work for You

Everyone has negative things happen in life. Use these negative experiences to motivate you to pursue your goals. Don’t let a bad situation set you back. Instead, learn from the experience and grow from it. “Mrs. Remis showed me that no matter what life may throw at you as far as difficulties and road blocks, that if we stay focused and don’t give up, our goals can be obtained on our road to a happy, healthy life doing what we love,” said Scott Krueger, criminal justice student.

7. Use Affirmations

“Affirmations are positive statements to motivate you to be the things you want to become,” Remis explained. Affirmations include “goals, attitudes, and the way you feel.” Remis shared that she reads her affirmations to herself on a regular basis to stay driven and on track. “Affirmations can be about your character, skills, experience, passion, and personal qualities. They keep you motivated, energized, on-task, and positive.”

8. Take Care of Yourself

It’s important to take care of yourself. “Create healthy habits to improve your health,” Remis explained. “Good health gives you energy to work toward your goals.” Diet, exercise, and putting yourself in a healthy environment impacts your ability to be successful. Your career also can affect your health. “You have to love what you do,” Remis said.” If you’re doing something you don’t want to do, it’s hard on you.”

9. Eliminate Negativity

“Get negativity out of your life; get rid of it! Surround yourself with positive, happy people, or they can drag you down,” Remis said. “Find people that will help you reach your goals.” Negativity can come from the people around you. Hayden Dickey, a Globe University business administration degree student, noted, “You don’t have to push them out of your life, but keep your distance while you surround yourself with positive, supportive [people] and those that will motivate you.”

Remis concluded, “Success is not easy, but with hard work, self-discipline, and positivity, you can work toward a career you love. Nothing is impossible.”