A Day in the Life of a Vet Tech Student Volunteering at an Animal Rescue

Veterinary technology students got the opportunity to experience what it is like to live, breathe and work in an animal rescue. Students in Stacy Swenty’s Introduction to Veterinary Technology course spent time working and learning about Saving Paws Animal Rescue.

Vet tech students at Saving Paws Animal Rescue

What Type of Volunteer Help Does a Rescue Need?

Some of the duties that students help with were general cleaning, maintenance, and cleaning bowls. They clean cat ears, trim cat nails, and do generalized weighing and looking at the health of the cats.

Something a lot of people don’t know about Saving Paws is that they have a room solely dedicated to cats that do not use their litter box anymore. Most of these cats are either two or four paw declawed, so outside, they cannot defend themselves. The rescue houses these cats for life.

Vet tech student, Cole Lumaye

“It’s really cool that Saving Paws houses these cats, as they have nowhere to go or would most likely be euthanized because of the inappropriate elimination issues,” Swenty shared. Students spent time cleaning this room and more importantly spending time with these cats. Cats like these generally don’t get a lot of human interaction, so it was important to have students work with them and provide some nurturing.

What Did Students Learn?

When I chatted with Instructor Swenty said that overall, “Students enjoy it and the volunteers really seem to like it.”

What makes this a valuable applied learning project is that it is a triple win, benefiting the students, animals and the rescue. Swenty said, “They learn how to communicate really well with each other while cleaning, moving things around, and moving litter boxes. When they are trimming nails and cleaning ears, they have to document this while they are doing it along with keeping track of which cat has gotten what done. They also practice communication during animal restraints with one another.”

Learn More About Saving Paws Animal Rescue

Globe University-Green Bay works with Saving Paws Animal Rescue as they provide patients for the veterinary technology program. The vet tech program provides free services like vaccinations, spays and neuters and more for the rescue. To learn more about the rescue visit their Facebook page or their website.