A Great Partnership: Riverfront and Globe University-La Crosse

“We at Riverfront are thrilled to partner with Globe [University]. Because of the student projects and volunteering, the incredible people Riverfront serve benefit,” shared Marcia Jagodzinske, CEO of Riverfront, Inc.

Marcia Jagodzinske, Riverfront CEO, with Brady Lowe, Globe Community Manager

Marcia Jagodzinske, Riverfront CEO, with Brady Lowe, Globe Community Manager

With a mission to support people with disabilities so that they may live healthy, fulfilling lives, Riverfront provides assistance to many community members in western Wisconsin. Staff and faculty at Globe University-La Crossehave partnered with Riverfront on multiple service learning and volunteer projects.

“Service learning projects are terrific ways for students to apply course objectives, retain knowledge, and provide support to community organizations,” said Jodie Liedke, Globe University general education coordinator.

“Globe and Riverfront partner in many different ways,” Karen Carter, volunteer coordinator with Riverfront explains. “Marketing classes have provided guidance by giving specific ways to market our participants’ collaborative art. Accounting students have researched and provided information on printing and reproduction costs, profit margins and tracking for art card sales. Massage students, learning to work with people with disabilities, work with our participants as they broaden their experiences. [Students in Global Citizenship classes] have provided expertise in a number of ways–planning a recreation evening, providing special experiences for Day Service Groups or researching and providing a plan for advocacy issues.”

Globe University La Crosse, Riverfront

Global Citizenship students coordinated an “Around the World” event for Riverfront clients and families.

In addition, these projects allow students to learn more about their neighbors, Jagodzinske explains. “… Students take with them insights and awareness that will influence their careers and their future volunteering. They will make our communities a better place for persons of all abilities.”

Globe’s relationship with Riverfront is a true partnership. “Because of time constraints on our staff, this body of work would never have been accomplished without the work of students and staff from Globe. Riverfront is so fortunate to be part of the Globe network,” shared Carter.