A Soft Spot for Pit Bulls

Vet tech students reach out to an underserved pet population

The veterinary technology program at Globe University-Sioux Falls leant a hand to the Sioux Empire Pit Bull Rescue for an applied learning project. The rescue group focuses on the difficult task of placing American pit bull mixes into good homes.

Globe vet tech students also work with the Northern Plains Boxer Rescue. The students hold informational meetings at Petco’s monthly adoption days in Sioux Falls to educate adoptive families about the common problems in both breeds and inform pet owners of the dogs’ basic health status.

“You can certainly tell these [students] love animals, whether they are helping us at Petco or we are dropping off or picking up rescue dogs from Globe,” said Robin Willhoit, with Sioux Empire Pit Bull Rescue.

In addition, the Sioux Empire Pit Bull Rescue has taken in more displaced dogs in 2011 due to recent natural disasters, such as tornadoes and floods. The Globe University vet tech program spayed and neutered many of the dogs, which helped find them new homes.