A “Growing” Opportunity: Globe University–Appleton and the Community Garden Partnership

“Growing food, people, and community” is the mission of the Community Garden Partnership. Led by Executive Director Susan Richardson, the Community Garden Partnership is a program of Goodwill NCW. It is recognized by the State of Wisconsin as an outstanding partner in conservation.

During the Early Fall 2012 quarter, two Global Citizenship classes at Globe University in Appleton, Wis., partnered with the organization for their service-learning projects. Over the past year, approximately 100 Global Citizenship students have provided service to several Community Garden Partnership sites.

Community Garden Partnership has 18 sites in the Fox Valley area, and these sites are
utilized by community members of all ages and backgrounds. The organization
promotes values such as self-sufficiency, environmental stewardship, creation
of a healthy civic space, and donations to food banks.

About this campus-community partnership Richardson said, “I appreciate [Globe University-Appleton’s] continued support of the Community Garden Partnership through your classroom activities….especially, bringing local development to the reality of hands-on experiences. This has meant so much to me, personally, but also to all of the gardeners
who are impacted by this dedicated work.”

Students have completed tasks such as preparing the sites for upcoming tours, preparing
a welcome area for the season, setting up compost collection bins, putting up
fencing, repairing rain barrel platforms, and other tasks. Students
worked directly with Richardson and the gardeners and volunteers who
utilize the space.

In closing, Richardson stated, “Many thanks to all of your students. I am hopeful that we can continue this meaningful collaboration.”


Author: Amanda Loewen (aloewen@globeuniversity.edu)

Photos taken by: Bethani Klesmit (student) and Amanda Loewen