All hands in

Globe University marketing students launch initiative to support local nonprofit Caring Bridge.

Strength and support through community and families

An elephant by itself can be vulnerable, despite its strength and size.  However, an elephant in a herd is almost invulnerable.  Like elephants in a herd “CaringBridge” offers support.  It is a nonprofit online organization that connects people experiencing health challenges to loved ones.

Our promotion is “all hands in.” Every hand promotes strength and support through our community and families.

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June 6 Update

Today, students from Minnie Wagner’s marketing class are busy posting fliers and handing out brochures around campus. They are letting people know about all the great things CaringBridge is doing for people!

Next week, on June 13th, representatives from CaringBridge will be on campus as students present their final draft of the marketing plan that was created for them. Students have been working very hard on this project and are sure that CaringBridge will be pleased with the results!

June 4 Update

Today we visited all of the classes during the day to spread the word about our approach on “all hands in” and the website.  On Wednesday we plan on being in the lobby with brochures and other information about our project.

Don’t forget to check out the new layout on

We are looking for more individuals hands to support the website for our “all hands in” blog.

Be creative and supportive at the same time!

May 30 Update

Our class just returned from the long Memorial Day weekend and is in the process of finishing our marketing plan for CaringBridge. We plan on going into a few classes next week, either Monday or Wednesday, during our class to talk to students about CaringBridge. We will show students the CaringBridge website and answer any questions they may have. We encourage these students and anyone else viewing the blog to ask any questions or share any marketing ideas they may have. If you or your loved ones have used CaringBridge, we encourage you to share the story or experience on the blog. Please check out the CaringBridge website at

May 25 Update

On Monday, May 21, students from our marketing class had an opportunity to meet with Amy, Melissa, and Rhonda of CaringBridge. They discussed the fine details of CaringBridge as an organization, as well as current and future plans. They informed students that there are some exciting things coming up in CaringBridge’s future!

As CaringBridge works to distance themselves from the rigorous mold of “only being for the severely ill or terminally ill”, they will be looking at ways to broaden the user base and creating greater interest in the organization.

CaringBridge will be hosting an event at the Mall of America on June 7! Come check it out to learn more!