Am I Getting a Shot?

Globe University Sioux Falls CMA Review student Cindy Homann summed up the goal of Spring 2012 service learning project with YES by stating “tiny toddlers are in a world of peace and tranquility and where nothing hurts them. They know that adults will protect them and allow them to play to their hearts content. Our service learning project was designed to give these toddlers an insight as to what they could expect on that first scary visit”.

This quarter the eight students enrolled in CMA Review along with their instructor Jo Penning partnered with Youth Enrichment Services, YES, to provide a unique experience for our students as well as the children. On May 16, the group of students traveled to YES to host a patient interaction clinic with children aged 4-6 years old. The group of Globe students’ set-up three patient areas just like a typical clinic. The three areas included two patient care “rooms” where basic patient information was recorded along with vital signs such as temperature, pulse, and blood pressure. After completing these stations the children from YES received stickers and moved on to the final station which included height and weight. After their height and weight were recorded each child was given a toy and returned to their classroom.

The students in CMA review were able to apply skills they have learned not only in class but throughout their educational experience at Globe to a population that is just a bit different. Globe University Sioux Falls student Tara Carlson described her experience with YES by stating “overall, I am very glad that we got to go do these vitals on the children. This experience would benefit anyone going in to the medical field because everyone at some point or another will be dealing with children. Being better prepared for that is only going to make you a better medical professional. I also learned a lot about myself and how I communicate with children and it gives me idea on things that I can improve upon.”

This project not only provided great experience for our students and provided several ways for them to grow and improve it was also able to help prepare the children from YES to be a little more comfortable going to a doctor’s appointment.