Amoebas, Moppets & Microscopes: College Students Get Macroscopic Experience

By Kara Guglielmo, Medical Assistant Program Chair, Globe University-Madison East

Globe University-Madison East’s students in the medical assistant degree program are all about children! They spent November having a great time working with area kids.

medical assistant degreeFor the last two years, Dan Goplin, medical assistant instructor, has been teaming up with Sherman Middle School to help get as many students as possible hands-on experience with microscopes. On Nov. 5-7, Globe University-Madison East medical assistant students spent over a half hour going through the basics of using a microscope, cleaning it, and checking out amoebas and protozoa with the middle school students.

The highlight of the day was when the students realized that the best thing to look at was themselves. The Sherman students and the medical assistant students found that the hair on their head was incredibly interesting to look at under the microscope. The medical assisting students got to teach what they have learned, and the Sherman Middle school students enjoyed the one-on-one hands on experience.

In addition, on Nov. 15, the CMA review class held its Child Wellness Clinic. Seventeen children, ranging from seven days old to 12 years old participated in the clinic. Our medical assistant students did a full set of vitals and checked children’s eye sight and hearing.  Many parents were relieved to learn that their children could hear just fine!medical assistant degree

The students got a feel for real life situations, such as kids who don’t want to sit still and not always being able to hear a blood pressure. This helped improve students’ troubleshooting skills as well as their soft skills.

It is important to remember it’s not just what you say but how you say it. This takes on a whole new meaning when you are speaking with children and asking them to do something. All the participants and the medical assistants found the Child Wellness Clinic to be a great success.

Looking forward to next quarter! We learn just as much from the students and children as they do from us!