Apartment Complex Receives On-site Security Assessment

Security course students work with nonprofit organization to enhance safety at apartment building

Students in the Private, Local, State and Federal Government Security course at Globe University-Minneapolis partnered with Project for Pride in Living (PPL), a local nonprofit organization, to assess security operations in one of PPL’s apartment buildings.

Students discussed existing and desired security measures with management and tenants at the building. The students also conducted a physical assessment of security practices while they were on the premises. Given that most low-income rental units are located in higher crime areas, safety and security concern both management and residents.

After the interview was complete, the students analyzed their findings and recommended security improvements at the apartment building. Spending time at the building gave students a new understanding of the issues low-income renters face.

“I gained the ability to look at life and situations differently,” said student Melissa Tyson.

There is a substantial need for low-income housing in Minnesota. According to the “housing wage” standard, a full-time wage earner must earn $15.16 per hour in order to afford a two-bedroom unit – a wage that is almost three times minimum wage*.

PPL works with low-income individuals and families in the Twin Cities to help them achieve greater self-sufficiency. One of its central thrusts is to create and make available affordable housing options. PPL works with a variety of nonprofit partners to construct, renovate, and manage housing stock.

*From “Housing Cost Climbs in Minnesota,” Metropolitan Interfaith Council on Affordable Housing, http://www.micah.org.